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In order to apply for registration at Starchild Centre, please first review our Hours of operation and Fees and the downloadable Policy and Procedures Manual (pdf) for Parents.


Enrolment begins by contacting Starchild Centre to arrange for a visit to inspect the facility and to meet Petra, the Directress. You will be provided with an information and application package.


We have a one-month trial period before final enrolment. During this time the child is observed and assessed to ensure that s/he is able to adjust to the new environment and make new friends.


The one month trial enrolment is accomplished by completing the application and providing a non-refundable registration fee of $100 along with a cheque for the first (Trial) month's fees.


The non-refundable registration fee applied enables us to provide a small honorarium (transportation costs) for resource persons coming from a distance to share their skills with your child, as well as for tools, seeds, seedlings and materials for the children's individual garden plots.

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